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These Are 3 Factors That Cause Cybercrime To Easily Occur

There have been many cases of cybercrime around the world, ranging from identity fraud to debt bill terrors that were never even committed. Many of these cybercrimes are carried out through social media, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many more. With the help of a lawyer or attorney mike morse, the perpetrators of cybercrimes can be brought to justice.

So to deal with this, according to an expert, the main factors that cause cybercrime are different from general crimes. While the three factors that cause cybercrime include:

1. User ID
Features that make it easy to manipulate features on social media are often used by users with bad intentions. In addition, the data of other users are also easily stolen. This then makes it easier for cybercriminals to manipulate victims.

2. Duplication of information assets
Information assets on social media can also be easily duplicated by users. This is because there is no feature to delete or also called the ‘delete button on the internet.

3. Location
Another factor that can trigger the threat of cybercrime attacks is when the user’s location can be detected on social media. Similarly, the ease of being faked or hidden. Not only that, the government itself is the guarantor and source of identity between people in the offline realm.

This is very different from a physical identity, which has to go through various processes if someone wants to fake an identity, but in the digital world, people can change their identity with just a few clicks.

In contrast to the online realm, the government or the police must cooperate with identity providers to ensure identity verification and electronic signatures. At least, in the realm of protecting digital identities from cybercrime, there must be cooperation between policymakers, electronic system managers, and internet users as well.

Three aspects of personal data protection, starting from the government, users, to the electronic system manager who participates is responsible for protecting digital identity, namely the provider of electronic certification.