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5 Tips To Overcome Bad Feelings

The feeling of being down that we feel may be present for a reason. It could be because of a broken heart, failing at something, or a bad memory that suddenly comes. So that our mood is bad and our spirits dim to live the day. Of course, we don’t want this condition to last too long. Immediately getting back up is a choice that must be taken to release the feeling of being down. There’s nothing wrong with trying to find inspirational quotes to motivate yourself. Here are some tips that you can do to get up from adversity:

1. Think back to when you were successful
Everyone must have sipped success, no matter how small. One of the best things you can do to get back on your feet is by recalling the memory of when you were successful. Relive the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction at that moment. This will improve your feelings and make you want to repeat that success.

2. Thankful
No matter how bad the condition or feeling you are going through, rest assured other people also feel the same as you or even worse. You should be grateful for your current condition, because maybe what you are experiencing is not as bad as what other people have experienced. This grateful activity will be able to make you feel satisfied with everything that is your destiny and get excited again.

3. Remember the people who love you
You may feel down because someone dumped you. But remember, many other people love you with all their hearts. They could be your parents, your siblings, your teachers, your co-workers, and others. Turn your mind to them. And keep your mind away from someone who has made you fall.

4. Get active
Don’t just sit still when you feel down, but force yourself to do your usual activities. Because if you just stay silent, it will only make you feel worse. Stay active and complete your tasks, because this is useful to divert your thoughts and focus and the feelings that make you feel down.

5. Look in the mirror and self-affirmation
If you have a mirror in your room or your house, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are strong. You are strong to face all the conditions that are befalling you, you are strong with all the events that are your destiny, and you are strong to rise again from adversity. Such self-affirmations have a significant impact. Especially if you do it every day. When you are good or when you are down.