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Types of Floor Lamps

Floor lamps or standing lamps from httpwww.floorlampssale.co.uk are one practical solution if you want to beautify the interior of the room in an instant. With light that radiates softly, floor lamps can conjure up the atmosphere of your room to be more comfortable and dimensional. There are various kinds of products on the market, ranging from simple designs to vintage ones. There are many rooms where the only lighting is ceiling lamps. The light from the lamp is enough to illuminate the room. However, the use of floor lamps not only makes the room brighter but the interior and furniture will also appear more dimensional.

Based on the shape, floor lamps are divided into four types. These types differ not only in terms of appearance but also in terms of characteristics and lighting effects. Therefore, in addition to the size and height of the lamp from the floor, the purpose of its installation is also important to consider.

Shade Type: Shade lamp that emits a soft light
The shade type is a floor lamp equipped with a hood and a small diameter long support pole. Usually, the lampshade is made of cloth, glass, acrylic, and other transparent materials that are translucent. This lampshade will make the lighting of the room shady and soft. By combining the color of the hood, the material, and the color of the bulb, you can set the tone you want to create.

Globe type: Lights of various colors and shapes
The globe type is a floor lamp covered by transparent material. Generally, globe lights are made of acrylic or milky white glass so that the bulb inside is not visible from the outside. However, there are also some materials that are used in order to make the bulb visible. Types of globe lights have a variety of shapes and colors. There are round, cylindrical, to star-shaped and cute animals.