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How to Train a Dog That Can Be Done

How to train a dog needs to be done for those of you who keep this one animal. Some people really want to keep a dog because some of them are very cute and adorable. But sometimes some people will also feel annoyed because their dog is getting more stubborn as the four-legged animal develops. In order to help you train your dog, you can visit adrienne farricelli dog training.

Especially if the dog you keep has started not listening to commands or is no longer obedient to you. This will certainly be a very annoying moment. So for that, you need to train your pet dog the right way. All of this will affect the taming process of the cute and adorable four-legged animal.

Train with Sit Commands
The first way to train a dog that needs to be done is to give a Sit or sit command. This is one of the basic techniques you can use to train your pet dog. First, start by bringing the treat or food to the dog’s nose. Then you can move your hands up. That way, the dog’s head will follow your hand movements and make the bottom of the bottom down and place on the floor. If the dog is already in a sitting position, then you can say ‘Sit’ and give a treat or food with a little affectionate caress. Repeat this command every day until the dog really understands it.

Down command
Then you can train the dog by giving the command ‘down’ or lying down. How to train a dog on this one may be a little difficult to do, so you need to prepare a treat and hold it in your hands with a closed condition. Then you can bring your hand to the dog’s muzzle or mouth so he can sniff out the food. When the dog starts to sniff, you need to move your hand to the floor so he can follow. So when the dog seems to be lowering his body, say ‘Down’ and give him food and a little affectionate touch. But if your dog tries to sit up or jumps on your hand, say ‘No’ a little firmer. Training the dog with the down command is very useful for keeping the dog calm and relaxed. Especially for dogs who are in a state of anxiety or fear.