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SEO Fatal Mistakes For Your Dental Business

In doing online business marketing SEO is an effective and good way to sell products or services. SEO or what we usually call search engine optimization is used to improve the quality of traffic visits through search engines to websites. The dentist seo itself is also commonly used by dental businesses to find customers. But there are also many online shops that look careless in selling their merchandise or products. This makes the business unable to generate maximum income.

Here are fatal SEO mistakes that friends must learn before using them, including:

Too many irrelevant keywords. Irrelevant content on the website will be fatal for SEO. This content is usually intended to increase traffic only. But unfortunately irrelevant content can actually destroy other content that you have created. SEO is not neglecting irrelevant content, but broadens the topic and makes it difficult to strengthen keyword density.

Relying on Backlink links. For the sake of wanting to get backlinks to friends’ sites, but those who are actually spamming with these links, and for sure this method is not liked by Google.

Dual Content. There are many websites that tend to recycle their content, where friends can find the same content but on different sites. This may also be possible by following certain links. If you plan to implement this strategy, chances are that your business will not progress. Because Google usually ignores content that is not original.

Focus on quantity and forget about quality. Although there are many links that point back which are considered important in a good SEO strategy, the same thing can also happen and eventually destroy your online business. One of the biggest mistakes people make is they are collecting backlinks too much and ignore the quality of the links. To avoid this, consider the authority and authority of the link to be interesting in the content of friends and readers are able to follow it to ensure that visitors surf the site without much consideration.